US Clinical Education

Endolite has an experienced team of ABC/BOC Accredited Clinical Service Specialists led by Clinical Education Manager, Alan Kercher, BOCP. The team is available to assist with:

  • Production selection, prescription guidance
  • Fitting, setup and programming of chosen devices
  • Peer to peer education on the Endolite product range, offering CEUs for licensure
  • Troubleshooting/technical support

Endolite Institute Online Learning

The Endolite Institute is dedicated to the provision of education in prosthetics and orthotics. The Institute offers interactive virtual education and seminar based courses.

We are continually adding to our course offerings. Check back regularly as we upload more of our presentations and educational material.

Register for access to the Endolite Institute website or contact our clinical team to find out more about our clinical education courses on our latest technological advances:

Alan Kercher, BOCP
Clinical Education Manager

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