Our mission is to overcome mobility limitations and improve the life of every person we meet. 

Since 1890, we have manufactured some of the world’s most advanced prosthetic technology, bespoke seating solutions and orthotic devices. Through science, technology, and a clear focus on people, we make mobility possible. 

With over 800 employees across the world, we make a great team. Using feedback from customers and patients, we are powerful and often find innovative solutions to the most complex of patients’ needs.

Our design and manufacturing teams are currently working on products that actually mimic the human body and the way it works. Our team of dedicated clinicians treat a myriad of patients at clinics across the UK, diagnosing and understanding their personal requirements as well as fitting and providing the most appropriate solution. 

Our Values

We Are Driven and Accountable

We perform to the highest standard, focusing on the needs of our customers to deliver outstanding products and services. 

We Are Genuine and Respectful

We meet expectations and honour commitments with integrity and consideration, ensuring we treat our colleagues and customers with care and respect.  

We Are Ambitious and Pioneering

We continuously pursue innovation by challenging possibilities and perceptions to create solutions that benefit our customers. 

We Are Empowered and Inclusive

We work collectively, listening to each other and sharing expertise to deliver results that have a positive impact on peoples lives. 

Working at Blatchford

The business has never stopped growing, seeing more patients and designing more products as each year has gone by. We are not stopping now. With ambitious growth plans, we are always on the lookout for great talent to join our team. 

We offer career opportunities related to sales, clinical education, technical service and distribution to the North American market.  We also specialize in the manufacture and assembly of hydraulics, with additional career opportunities for skilled CNC machinists and quality technicians.  If you would like to apply for one of our current vacancies, please e-mail your resume and contact details to

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