Quality Statement

Blatchford, Inc is committed to providing products and services of the highest quality to serve the needs of our customers and end users. All employees will pursue the goals described in this quality policy with an objective of achieving results in quality excellence. The aim of the entire workforce is to generate these results in an environment receptive to ideas, creativity, participation and co-operation. A continuous improvement program, sponsored and supported by Top Management, applicable to employees is just one method through which this will be accomplished.

Our aim is to be “Best in Class” within the prosthetic component market, solving customers’ problems with innovative products that exceed expectations and through openness, honesty and a commitment to our employees create a profitable business that is a source of pride for us all. In order to achieve this objective it is the policy of Blatchford, Inc. to establish and maintain a formal, effective and efficient quality management system, planned and developed in conjunction with other management functions and integrated into the total management system.

Top Management will set quality objectives, which will be reviewed as required and communicated to all concerned.

The policies of Blatchford, Inc. are fully implemented by ongoing training and awareness that ensures personnel are fully conversant with the Company’s objectives. In each facility employees have knowledge of, and access to the Quality Manual, Procedures Manuals and Work Instructions directly through their PC or via their supervisor or manager.

The quality system will be maintained to meet the current standards ISO 9001, and the regulatory requirements of the FDA.