Endolite presents the LiNX at the AAOP Show in New Orleans

Endolite presents the LiNX at the AAOP Show in New Orleans

Posted on 27th February 2015

Endolite was pleased to introduce our latest innovation to attendees of the recent AAOP Meeting in New Orleans.

The LiNX is the world’s first fully integrated microprocessor controlled limb system.

The LiNX utilizes an integrated system of microprocessors, sensors and actuators for simultaneous control of the foot and knee, offering the user a new experience in walking.

Bi-directional communication coordinates the response to variations in terrain and speed, adjusting for the situational needs of the user.


Key Features include:

  • Stop & support/lock mode
  • Controlled ramp descent with braking effect at the knee & ankle joint
  • Assist mode during ramp ascent
  • Dynamic stair descent
  • Supportive resistance to flexion
  • Cycle mode
  • Fixed angle flexion lock mode


LiNX model, Doug Morgan, spent countless hours and walked miles demonstrating the system to meeting attendees. A mobile gait lab/treadmill allowed Doug to demonstrate the LiNX system’s response to incline and decline on a ramp as well as speed changes. Changes to system settings were also displayed in real time on the programming screen, for additional insight on how the system performs.

For additional details and to determine if your patient is a suitable candidate for this exciting new innovation, please contact your local Endolite Territory Manager or call 1.800.548.3534.

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