élan foot hits the headlines for transforming lives

Posted on 5th November 2012

Since its release earlier this year, the élan microprocessor foot has made significant improvements to the lives of amputees throughout the United States. Their stories help to show what a dramatic improvement the élan can have on an amputee’s everyday life.

The élan foot is the only microprocessor controlled foot that silently and intelligently senses terrain type and progressively responds using a hydraulic ankle with a truly compliant, high energy e-carbon foot. The élan works intuitively because it senses every step and as no two are the same, the élan moves with the changes. On ascending a ramp or stairs heel stiffness increases and the toe moves upwards for energy efficient ascent, coming down a slope the heel softens and the toe stiffens to safely support and control descent.

Connie Nason, 49, from New Hampshire, who had her right leg amputated below the knee when she was 34 due to complications from Berger’s disease, was the first woman in her state to receive the bionic foot.

With her previous prosthesis, Connie was forced to use a cane but since being fitted with the élan she is able to enjoy everyday activities previously impossible. Importantly for Connie, she now has the confidence to take her cat on a walk up and down the slopes in her back garden.

Similarly, Ed Spangler has had his life transformed by the élan foot. Ed, who became a double amputee after being crushed by 20,000 pounds of steel, has a new lease of life after being fitted with his élan feet. “It’s motivating for me to be able to walk up and down slopes, to enjoy life again.”

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Additionally, Mr McMahone shares his experiences of using the élan foot in the video below:

We hope that the élan, along with every Endolite product, continues to improve the lives of patients like Connie and Ed and ensure amputees ‘get busy living’.

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