Blatchford remembers Lanny Wiggins

Posted on 5th August 2013

Lanny Wiggins passed away peacefully on Sunday July 28, 2013 after struggling with cancer since October last year. He was instrumental in the design of SNS units at Mauch Laboratories as well as the expert in Hydraulics later attempting to revive the hydraulic ankles as well as other knees like Mercury cylinder and microlite in conjunction with Blatchford.  When he left Mauch, Lanny became the Founder of Catech Inc, and a partner in Blatchford North America.

He was one of our partners in design, development, manufacture and distribution and to the last minutes of his life, he was a great friend and advisor to the company. He believed in Blatchford as the progressive prosthetic system which raised the bar for the rest of the industry to follow.  Lanny sold his Catech share to Blatchford North America which is now fully integrated into Blatchford Inc. He later retired to Florida and enjoyed sailing and peace of the sea. The family is planning a memorial ceremony for Lanny the evening of August 20th at Schlientz & Moore in Centerville, OH details to follow.

2013 has been a year to remember for many reasons, but the least it is the year of renewal (so far), like autumn as leaves fall, there is the knowledge of the spring, so we come to rest and stillness where we know from that, everything arises and everything will pass back. As you read this take a moment, where ever you are, to pause and remember the peace, to remember Lanny and all colleagues who worked hard to lay the modern foundation that we now all enjoy and work to progress before handing over to next generation.

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