Moisture management for amputees with new breathable liner

Moisture management for amputees with new breathable liner

Posted on 1st March 2016

Build-up of warmth and moisture in the liner and socket, leading to loss of connection, unwanted socket movement and potential skin damage, are well known issues for amputees. The new Silcare Breathe prosthetic liners feature laser drilled perforations to allow moisture and air to escape offering improved comfort and control for amputees.

Silcare Breathe Liner

Traditional vacuum systems expel air between the liner and socket, which can leave air and moisture trapped inside the liner. The action of walking and weight bearing on the Silcare Breathe liner expels air and moisture through the pores, and with the use of a one way valve helps to generate a better vacuum and more secure connection, allowing the user to wear their prosthesis for longer as they benefit from an improved fit throughout the day.

adrian (1)

Adrian Heathfield

British Para-triathlete, Adrian Heathfield, has been using the Silcare Breathe liner during his rigorous training and daily activities. “As a competing triathlete, I’ve had problems where I’ve had to take my leg off three times during a race to tip the sweat out. The first time I used the Silcare Breathe liner I was shocked at how dry and secure I was with it; during a two hour cycle, I can lose up to a kilo of sweat so not having to stop, tip out the sweat and put my limb back on is a real bonus! Even when I’m not training I notice a huge difference in my limb security.”

Joe McCarthy, Senior Consultant Prosthetist from the Blatchford UK Research and Development team commented, “Having seen the issues that perspiration brings to many wearers of standard prosthetic liners, we set about trying to resolve those issues. We have been constantly researching and testing materials for many years; refining our design for the best possible outcome for amputees. The feedback we have received from our clinical evaluations has been outstanding.”

We are also pleased to announce that the AvalonK2 foot has been added to the waterproof foot range, joining the BladeXT, Elite Blade, Javelin, Echelon, Esprit and Elite2. All waterproof feet are suitable for freshwater and saltwater, and can be used in water up to 1m deep.

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