Endolite Confirms OPAF Platinum Sponsorship

Endolite Confirms OPAF Platinum Sponsorship
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Endolite, a Blatchford Company, is proud to partner with OPAF and the First Clinics as a Platinum Sponsor. Together we can improve the lives of individuals with physical and mobility challenges through innovation, participation, education and raising public awareness.

The Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 by the former Orthotics and Prosthetics National Office. Now, OPAF generates its own initiatives through partnerships with individuals, organizations, and institutions engaged in improving the quality of life for those with physical and mobility challenges and raising public awareness of physical disability and limb loss.

Donation and sponsorships allow OPAF to grow and sustain their mission: to foster physical fitness, community participation, and peer interaction by providing introductory-level adaptive recreation for individuals with physical and mobility challenges. Life-changing experiences are provided through individual participation and training, education of healthcare professionals, and raising public awareness on a national level.

Biomimetic engineering is at the heart of our design philosophy, where the development of award-winning prostheses is focused on the long-term health and wellbeing of every amputee. OPAF supports this philosophy by providing adaptive clinics for individuals with limb loss or limb difference, encouraging long-term health and wellbeing.

Endolite is thrilled to become a platinum sponsor of OPAF and we look forward to supporting opportunities provided to the community of people we serve.



About Endolite and Blatchford:

Endolite is part of the Blatchford Group, a UK-based, world-leading rehabilitation provider with clinical expertise in prosthetics, orthotics, special seating and wheelchairs. With offices in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Norway and India, Blatchford designs and manufactures the multi award-winning Endolite range of lower limb prostheses and provides clinical services to civilian, military and international patients.  With 128 years of expertise in innovation, it produces the world’s most advanced microprocessor-controlled artificial limbs.­­­­­

Media Contact: Sue Borondy – (937) 545 1740, sue.borondy@blatchfordus.com

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