Suitable for outdoor use
Activity Level 2

Everyday Freedom

Thanks to its lightweight, compact design, the BMK2 is helping people regain their independence and their confidence. The BMK2 is a simple and affordable mechanical knee that provides stability, security and easy, smooth walking for K2 users.

Stance Flexion provides additional shock absorption & cushioning for greater comfort. Because the BMK2 is lighter and easier to use, it requires less energy for movement which leads to longer, more enjoyable walks.

Key Features

  • Easy, smooth walking
  • An affordable mechanical knee developed for K2 users
  • Compact, lightweight stabilized knee
  • Stance Flexion shock absorption
  • Proven ESK technology
  • Weight activated stance control
  • Adjustable stance phase stability
  • Progressive locking brake mechanism
  • Adjustable Spring assisted swing control

The BMK2 is a cost effective, mechanical knee that can be paired with AvalonK2 to give the user a full limb system that delivers safety, confidence and ultimately independence.



It’s not just changing how I walk, it’s changing how I live


BMK2 Technical Data

Max. User Weight:

125 kg
275 lb

Build Height:



1lb 5ozs

Knee Flexion:



24 months

*with additional 133mm maximum protrusion into the pylon



Extension Buffer


Extension Stop Kit


Stabilizing Mechanical Kit


Part Number: BMK2

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