Cosmetic Cover

for Orion3 and Linx

The Cosmetic Cover provides optimal protection against wear and tear from everyday activities for Orion3 and Linx prosthesis.


Whether it’s scratches, impact or wear and tear, the Cosmetic Cover protects the prosthesis whilst being lightweight in design.

Natural Look and Comfort

The Cosmetic Cover makes kneeling more comfortable by softening contact with the ground. The design also enhances a more natural shape under clothes.

Simple to Use

The cover simply clips together so is easy to put on and take off. The design also allows for easy access to charging points and controls.

Cosmetic Cover for Orion3 and Linx

Cosmetic Cover Technical Data

Component Weight:


Component Length:




* Please note this product can only be used on Linx and Orion3.


Part Number: 561101BLACK

Cosmetic Cover Documentation

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