Suitable for outdoor use
Activity Level 3

Optimal socket connection is critical to an amputee’s comfort, security and stability. By pairing Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology with an elevated vacuum system, the design of EchelonVAC works to create a secure and comfortable socket connection.

By harnessing natural ankle motion, EchelonVAC quietly creates elevated vacuum, helping to maintain an optimally fitting socket throughout the day.


  • Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology with integrated volume control

  • Walking motion generates a natural vacuum

  • No power required, quiet gentle operation

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Low build height

  • E-carbon springs for efficient energy return

  • Split toe design for ground compliance on uneven terrain

  • Sandal Toe Footshell

    Foot shell and glide sock included

Learn about Hydraulic Ankle Technology


How does EchelonVAC work?

With every step, the wearer presses their weight into the prosthesis, initially expelling air through a one-way valve. Simultaneously the ankle plantaflexes, actively drawing air out of the socket. This air is held in the vacuum chamber and expelled through a secondary one way valve as the tibia progresses and the ankle dorsflexes.

The result is greater residual limb volume control and an improved connection between the residual limb and the socket. For the user, this reduces relative movement, improving proprioception and control of the prosthesis for greater comfort and safety every day.

EchelonVAC - How it works

Innovative Design

The innovative design of EchelonVAC is lightweight and has a low build height as no external power source is required.

With no batteries or pump to worry about, EchelonVAC is quiet and easy to fit.

When used in conjunction with a Silcare Breathe liner, the vacuum is applied directly to the residual limb to further enhance the connection between the limb and the socket.

The Evidence

Active vacuum systems help to stabilise residual limb volume to improve socket stability and proprioception. Scientific studies have shown that elevated vacuum systems help to:

  • Reduce volume fluctuation
  • Reduce interface pressures
  • Improve wound healing
  • Reduce pistoning
  • Improve gait symmetry, balance and reduce risk of falls
  • Greater comfort and improved overall satisfaction

Real Life Stories

Charlie’s Story

Dennis’s Story

Scientifically Proven

Hydraulic Ankle Clinical CompendiumEndolite’s Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology mimics the dynamic and adaptive qualities of muscle actuation to encourage more natural gait. Multiple independent scientific studies, comparing Endolite hydraulic ankle-feet to non-hydraulic feet, have shown:

  • Greater comfort, reduced socket pressures
  • Improved safety, reduced risk of trips and falls
  • Smoother, easier and more natural gait
  • More evenly balanced inter-limb loading
  • Greater satisfaction

Please click on the Clinical Compendium to download the document as a PDF.

Technical Data

Max User Weight

275 lb

Component Weight

1 lbs 9 oz

Max Vacuum

17" Hg

Build Height from



Max. user weight: 125kg* (275 lbs)
Activity level:  3
Component weight:  700g (1lbs 9 oz)
Max. vacuum 17″ Hg
Build height: 121mm – 131mm (4²³/₃₂ – 5⅛”)
Heel height:  10mm

*Maximum user weight 100kg and always use one higher spring rate category than shown in Spring selection table

†Component weight shown is for a size 26cm without footshell.


Suitable for outdoor use



EVAC 25 L N 3 S
Product Code Size Side Width* Spring Set Sandal Toe


*Narrow (N) and Wide (W) available for sizes 25-27 only.
For dark tone add suffix D.
Example: foot size 25, left, narrow, spring rating 3, sandal toe.

Footshell Width Guide

Click on the table below to help choose the correct width when ordering the new Sandal Toe footshell. For sizes 25, 26 and 27 you can now choose between Narrow (N) and Wide (W) fittings.

Sandal Toe Footshell Width Guide


Selection Chart

Click the image for full size version.

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An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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Last updated: 7th June 2019

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