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PDAC Approved
Suitable for submersion (up to 1 metre)
Bluetooth Connectivity
App Available
Activity Level 3

ElanIC is the world’s lightest and most compact waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle. It features a discreet, compact and lightweight design that is clinically proven to give greater comfort, improved safety, a smoother gait and balanced limb loading.

Key Features

  • Waterproof NEW
  • Induction charging NEW
  • Compact & Lightweight Design NEW
  • Integrated Bluetooth® NEW
  • Clinician programming app (Android) NEW
  • Sandal Toe Foot Shell
  • Microprocessor controlled self-aligning plantarflexion and dorsiflexion
  • Standing support mode increases resistance when stationary to help improve balance, stability, reduce effort and encourage a more natural posture
  • Variable response to speed changes
  • Increased plantarflexion resistance allows for more energy storage and return when walking quickly or up slopes
  • Ankle remains dorsiflexed during swing phase to increase toe clearance and reduce risk of trips and falls
  • Increased dorsiflexion resistance provides a brake when walking down slopes for improved safety and stability

Do More. Feel Good.

Designed to meet your unique needs as an amputee, ElanIC mimics the natural function of the foot and ankle, adapting hydraulic resistance and providing exceptional energy return to give you stability on slopes, steps and uneven terrain. By enabling you to distribute weight evenly when standing and walking, the result is a smoother, safer, more natural walking experience.


Peace of Mind

Featuring simple and safe induction charging technology, ElanIC is completely sealed from the elements meaning that it is waterproof, giving you peace of mind around water.


Compact & Lightweight

ElanIC is the world’s lightest and most compact waterproof microprocessor hydraulic ankle, meaning you don’t have to compromise on the activities you love.

Long Term Health

ElanIC works hard to give you the support you need while protecting your bones and joints from the additional wear and tear that is common for many users of prosthetic limbs.

Sian’s Story

Julie’s Story

Why Elan is Different

Hills and slopes offer unique challenges for amputees. With Microprocessor Active Resistance Control, Elan adjusts the plantar flexion and dorsiflexion resistance levels to provide greater stability for standing and down slopes and greater assistance for walking fast or uphill.

Ramp Brake

When walking downhill, the heel softens allowing the foot to quickly align to the slope for improved safety and security. At the same time, an increased braking effect stabilizes the user for a more controlled descent.

Ramp Assist / Fast Walk

When walking fast or up slopes, the heel stiffens allowing for optimal energy storage and return. This aids forward momentum and reduces the effort needed to walk faster or uphill.

Standing Support

When ElanIC senses the user is stationary the ankle increases resistance for greater standing stability. Self-alignment is maintained for a more natural posture and even weight distribution across both limbs.

Swing Clearance

During swing phase, when the foot is not in contact with the ground, the ankle remains in a toe up position to give increased toe clearance on every step.


Scientifically Proven

ElanIC incorporates Blatchford’s award-winning biomimetic hydraulic technology which provides a range of scientifically proven* benefits:

  • Increased ground clearance reducing risk of trips and falls
  • Improved balance through hydraulic self-alignment and microprocessor standing support
  • Improved control and safety on slope negotiation
  • Improved kinetic gait symmetry
  • Reduced loading on the residual limb
  • Increased walking speed


Clinical Compendium

Clinical Compendium

Blatchford Biomimetic Hydraulic Technology mimics the dynamic and adaptive qualities of muscle actuation to encourage more natural gait. Multiple independent scientific studies, comparing Blatchford hydraulic ankle-feet to non-hydraulic feet, have shown:

  • Greater comfort, reduced socket pressures
  • Improved safety, reduced risk of trips and falls
  • Smoother, easier and more natural gait
  • More evenly balanced inter-limb loading
  • Greater satisfaction

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Download the AvalonK2 Whitepaper

Clinical Evidence

Over a decade after challenging conventional wisdom, new scientific evidence continues to be published on the medical advantages of hydraulic ankles. Discover our White Paper ‘A Study of Hydraulic Ankles’. 

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*Clinical studies, latest research papers and full references available on our website.


Technical Support

Use the videos below to help guide you through some of the most common fitting tasks with ElanIC. 


Download the ElanIC Bluetooth & Charging Guide »

ElanIC Technical Data

Max. User Weight:


Activity Level:


Size Range:


Component Weight:


Build Height:

172mm sizes 22-26
177mm sizes 27-30

Heel Height:


*For weights above 125kg up to 150kg contact a Blatchford representative.
**Maximum user weight 100 kg and always use one higher spring rate category than shown in Spring selection table.
†Component weight shown is for a size 26cm without foot shell.

Selection Guide

Click the image for full size version.

Foot Shell Width Guide

Click on the table below to help choose the correct width when ordering the new Sandal Toe Foot Shell. For sizes 25, 26 and 27 you can now choose between Narrow (N) and Wide (W) fittings.


Alignment Wedge 940093
Inductive Battery Charger Kit 409087IC
Blatchford Programming Tablet 019179



Example Order Number

Product Code Size Side Width* Spring Set Sandal Toe

*Narrow (N) and Wide (W) available for sizes 25-27 only.
For dark tone add suffix D.
Example: foot size 25, left, narrow, spring rating 3, sandal toe.