Mini BladeXT

Suitable for submersion (up to 1 metre)
Activity Level 3 4

For youngsters, life never stops. An active lifestyle needs to be fully equipped to meet the needs of the most demanding user, whether it’s going to school, spending time with friends, running, cycling or taking part in other sports.

Designed to offer a complete solution, the Mini BladeXT offers outstanding stability, ground compliance and improved comfort through the split toe and traction sole, while its C-shaped toe spring is primed for optimal energy response.

Available in dazzling pink or electric blue, the Mini BladeXT is the ideal choice for children and may be the only foot they need!


  • Twin toe and heel springs
  • Split toe design
  • Traction sole
  • Heel stiffness wedge
  • Waterproof
  • Field replaceable heel spring kit
  • Male mini pyramid with 30mm A-P shift and rotation

Key Benefits

Energy Response

The curved toe design works like a loaded spring to assist forward progression. From initial ground strike, the C-shaped curve compresses and stores energy, ready to release upon the next step.

Protection & Stability

With a unique toe and heel design, users feel balanced and secure when standing, running or making a change of direction. This also ensures shock absorption for comfort and protection on every step.

Safety & Compliance

An integral traction sole helps to provide safety and surefootedness for all activities. The split toe improves ground compliance, provides flexibility and enhances comfort on uneven ground.

Lightweight & Strong

The lightweight construction won’t slow you down. Made from e-carbon, the Mini BladeXT is strong and tough, yet flexible and responsive.

Mini BladeXT

Natural Motion

As the wearer transfers their weight onto the Mini BladeXT, the heel spring compresses, absorbing shock for greater comfort and stability during early stance. This ensures a smooth roll-over phase and seamless loading of the e-carbon toe spring. In late stance, the stored energy is released in a forward direction to spring into the next step. The net result is a more balanced, symmetrical and energy efficient gait.

Technical Data

User Weight

20 - 60kg

Activity Level


Component Weight


Build Height



User Weight: 20 – 60kg (44 – 132 lb)
Activity Level: 3-4
Spring Range: 1-3
Component Weight: 450g (1 lb)
(including male mini pyramid)
Build Height: 168mm (6 ¹⁶/₆₄”)
Color Options: Dazzling Pink (P) or Electric Blue (B)


Suitable for submersion



Product Code  Color Spring Set   


Foot example: Mini BladeXT, Colour Blue, Spring Set 3.


Product Code  Color Spring Set   


Foot example: Mini BladeXT, Colour Pink, Spring Set 1.




MBXT Male Adapter

Male Mini Pyramid (supplied with foot)

MBXT Female 25mm Adapter

Female Mini Pyramid 25mm Tube Clamp Adapter

MBXT Female 30mm Adapter

Female Mini Pyramid 30mm Tube Clamp Adapter

Replacement Heel Spring Kits

1 (soft) – 539084SS
2 (medium) – 539084MS
3 (firm) – 539084FS

Selection Chart

Click the image for full size version.

An annual visual inspection is recommended. Check for visual defects that may affect proper function. Maintenance must be carried out by competent personnel.

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Last updated: 6th November 2018

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