Multiflex – Slim

Suitable for outdoor use
Activity Level 1 2

The Multiflex foot and ankle in a slim width for activity level 2 users with sandal toe allows for a more natural appearance. The Multiflex – Slim provides set-up alignment for higher heeled shoes and the narrower sole fits many dressier shoe styles. The multi-axial function can be enhanced by appropriate selection of the optimal ankle ball and snubber combination.

Key Features

  • Multi-axial function
  • Low profile
  • Sandal toe

Multiflex – Slim Technical Data

Max. User Weight:


Activity Level:


Size Range:


Component Weight:


Build Height:


Heel Height:


†Component weight shown is for a size 25cm without foot shell.

Selection Guide

Click the image for full size version.


Multiflex Ankle Standard 30mm and 35mm

  30mm 35mm
Ankle Kits 379342 (W)
379343 (O)
379344 (B) 
409125 (W)
409126 (O)
409127 (B) 
Snubber Kits 409007 (W)
409008 (O)
409009 (B) 

Multiflex Ankle Pyramid

Ankle Kits 409353 (W)
409354 (O)
409355 (B) 
Snubber Kits 409007 (W)
409008 (O)
409009 (B) 


Size Left Right
22cm 519141 519142
23cm 519143 519144
24cm 519145 519146
25cm 519147 519148