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This award-winning design continues to add a little magic to prosthetic gait. It cushions shock and shear forces caused by vertical and twisting motion and protects the skin interface from abrasion and discomfort.

TTPRO Clinical Evidence Reference

Improvements in Clinical Outcomes using shock-absorbing pylon/torque absorber compared to rigid pylon

  • Reduced back pain during twisting movements e.g. golf swings1
  • Reduced compensatory knee flexion at loading response2
  • No reduction in step activity3
  • Blatchford torsion adaptors match the able-bodied rotational range4
  • Reduced loading rate on prosthetic limb5, particularly at fast walking speeds6
  • Users feel less pressure on their residual limb7
  • Patient preference, citing improved comfort, smoothness of gait and easier stairs descent5


1. Rogers JP, Strike SC, Wallace ES. The effect of prosthetic torsional stiffness on the golf swing kinematics of a left and a right-sided trans-tibial amputee. Prosthet Orthot Int 2004; 28: 121–131.
2. Berge JS, Czerniecki JM, Klute GK. Efficacy of shock-absorbing versus rigid pylons for impact reduction in transtibial amputees based on laboratory, field, and outcome metrics. J Rehabil Res Dev 2005; 42: 795.
3. Klute GK, Berge JS, Orendurff MS, et al. Prosthetic intervention effects on activity of lower-extremity amputees. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2006; 87: 717–722.
4. Flick KC, Orendurff MS, Berge JS, et al. Comparison of human turning gait with the mechanical performance of lower limb prosthetic transverse rotation adapters. Prosthet Orthot Int 2005; 29: 73–81.
5. Gard SA, Konz RJ. The effect of a shock-absorbing pylon on the gait of persons with unilateral transtibial amputation. J Rehabil Res Dev 2003; 40: 109–124.
6. Boutwell E, Stine R, Gard S. Shock absorption during transtibial amputee gait: Does longitudinal prosthetic stiffness play a role? Prosthet Orthot Int 2017; 41: 178–185.
7. Adderson JA, Parker KE, Macleod DA, et al. Effect of a shock-absorbing pylon on transmission of heel strike forces during the gait of people with unilateral trans-tibial amputations: a pilot study. Prosthet Orthot Int 2007; 31: 384–393.

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From 440g

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135-226mm (pyr)
109mm (clamp)

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