Endolite success at OTWorld Germany 2014

Endolite success at OTWorld Germany 2014

Posted on 19th May 2014

OTWorld Leipzig is the biggest trade fair for orthotic and prosthetic companies in the world with more than 500 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors over the 4 days of the show.  

The biennial show allows prosthetic and orthotic companies to showcase their products and new technology to customers and distributors from across the globe.

Endolite presented 3 dynamic demonstrations each day, in English and German, covering the élan foot, new Orion knee, echelon group, the KX06 and BladeXT running blade. Our demonstrators used a 12 metre ramp to highlight the abilities of their prostheses and to show customers how the products work. These informative demonstrations captured large audiences throughout the show, and proved extremely popular with customers.

The Endolite dinner party at the Auerbachs Keller brought together over 100 colleagues and customers from Australia, Israel, Korea, the USA and many other countries.

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