Microprocessor Knees

What can a MPK offer me?

The human leg performs an incredible number of complex functions that most people don’t even consider in their daily lives. Things like changing walking speed, standing still, avoiding a fall after tripping, walking down stairs, slopes and even switching surfaces. All of these movements rely on the knee’s ability to adjust its resistance to the weight of the body whilst remaining perfectly balanced.

An MPK uses inbuilt sensors to replicate these functions, enabling you to walk more naturally across varying terrain. It allows you to use both limbs more equally so you can help avoid overuse injuries and promote greater long term health and independence.

Why should I choose Orion3 MPK?

With the funding for MPKs now available there has never been a better time to find out what options may be accessible to you.

At Blatchford, we have over 130 years of innovation and expertise in lower limb prosthetic technology. We are committed to developing the very best prosthetic technology, increasing independence and promoting long-term health.

Orion3 is an MPK with intelligent speed control, which means the knee is calibrated according to the individual’s walking speed and gait cycle. Orion3 is suitable for those who would benefit from stability on different terrain, slopes, steps and for those wishing to walk naturally and efficiently at either single or varying speeds.

Orion3 is closer to replicating nature than ever before, with intelligent microprocessor control you can depend on, it helps to support a healthy future.

We offer a unique set of MPK packages, which combine a Blatchford hydraulic ankle with an Orion3 MPK. The technology works well together to provide a smooth, safe and natural walking experience that helps to preserve the body and prevent long-term health issues.