Pairing Your MPK with a Hydraulic Ankle

It is important to consider both the MPK and ankle-foot technology available to you.

We believe long-term musculoskeletal health depends on the replication of the dynamic and adaptive qualities of natural limb movement.

Our hydraulic ankles mimic natural movement, fine-tuning joint position to align the body for optimum posture and comfort. The ankle’s alignment continually adjusts to absorb energy, allowing for an efficient roll-over. With each step, the natural ankle motion conforms the foot effectively to the ground, increasing comfort, optimising posture and reducing the risk of falls.

Hydraulic ankle technology has been proven to work in partnership with MPKs. Both Orion3 with its standing support mode and the self-alignment of a Blatchford hydraulic ankle have been shown to contribute to equal weight bearing and improved balance, helping to promote to greater long term health.1

Pairing Blatchford hydraulic ankle technology with the features and benefits of Orion3 creates a smooth, safe and natural walking experience. Both the knee and the ankle work together, increasing safety, confidence and independence.

What can Blatchford hydraulic ankles offer me?