Blatchford Training Courses

We are dedicated to the provision of education in prosthetics and our team of Clinical Specialists can offer you in-person training programs. We are able to assist with product selection, prescription guidance, fitting, setup, programming of devices, CEUs for licensure and technical support.
We are pleased to offer a range of courses to educate practitioners on how to fit our prosthetic solutions and the clinical benefits they provide the end user.

Contact your Blatchford Territory Manager for additional information and to arrange a course in your area.

Available Courses

Elan MPF*

A full education overview of the latest microprocessor-controlled prosthetic foot to enhance understanding of this technology.

Hydraulic Ankle Feet*

Providing detailed information on the function and performance of the mechanical line of hydraulic ankle feet.

Linx System Overview

A full educational overview of the first fully integrated microprocessor-controlled limb system.

Linx System Fitting / Programming*

Detailed information on device setup, assembly, alignment, fitting and programming.

Orion3 MPK Overview*

Detailed information on our latest generation microprocessor knee.

Orion3 MPK Fitting / Programming

Learn device setup, assembly, alignment, fitting and programming.

Vacuum Products*

Overview of Echelon’s biomimetic design and the evolution to EchelonVAC. Introduction to use of the Silcare Breathe liner range to enhance outcomes. 


* Blatchford Institute Online Learning offered for this course.

Blatchford Institute Online Learning

Blatchford Institute offers interactive virtual education and seminar based courses. We are continually adding to our course offerings. Check back regularly as we upload more of our presentations and educational material. Register for access to the Blatchford Institute website or contact your Blatchford Territory Manager for additional information.

Elan MPF 2 hrs ABC 2.25 CEUs / BOC 2.25 CEUs
Vacuum Products 3 hrs ABC 3.5 CEUs / BOC 3.5 CEUs
Hydraulic Ankle Feet 3 hrs ABC 3.25 CEUs / BOC 3.25 CEUs
Linx System Overview 2 hrs 15 mins ABC 2.25 CEUs / BOC 2.5 CEUs
Linx System Fitting / Programming 2 hrs ABC 2 CEUs / BOC 2 CEUs
Orion3 MPK Overview 2 hrs 15 mins ABC 2.25 CEUs / BOC 2.5 CEUs
Orion3 MPK Fitting / Programming 1 hr 30 mins ABC 1.5 CEUs / BOC 1.5 CEUs