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Real Life Stories

Duncan’s Orion3 Story

At the age of 15, Duncan was diagnosed with bone cancer and shortly after turning 16, he underwent surgery to have his leg amputated.

Duncan found that the previous knees he had used were not enabling him to do exactly what he wanted, but after being fitted with Orion3 and EchelonVT his life has been transformed for the better. Duncan noticed a difference, especially with the stumble recovery technology which ensures the knee remains stable should the user stumble on stairs and slopes. This is particularly useful for when Duncan is playing golf and gives him the confidence needed on the uneven ground of the golf course. As a result, Duncan now regularly enjoys playing golf and does not have to worry about the terrain as much as he did before.


Duncan is now able to walk greater distances and navigate hills and slopes at a faster pace. “I can walk with a natural gait down fairly steep inclines and I can walk uphill more easily. I can walk steadily and with confidence over very uneven ground. I can walk faster and longer.” Overall, this has enabled Duncan to lead a more active and healthier lifestyle.

“I am more confident and more willing to try things that I may have been unsure about before.” Duncan is now excited at the prospect of improving his golf game and being able to join in with activities with his wife, children and grandchildren. 

Duncan’s advice to other amputees is that “you must always try your best and utilize the most advanced technology available to aid your ambitions.”

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